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Safety, environmental protection and high efficiency have become final goal of pharmaceutical production enterprises as a way to answer the requirement of safety and environmental protection throughout the chemical industry. We introduce the concept of green chemistry into the actual production, so as to shorten reaction steps, increase utilization rate of atoms, and use non-toxic, low-toxic or renewable resources as raw materials. In this way SINCERITY can prevent and control pollution and emissions, eliminate or substantially reduce insidious safety and environmental hazards from the source.
Upholding the technology-led talent strategy, R&D center continuously improves product quality and strives to be the industry leader. With a focus on synthesis study of small molecule drugs, SINCERITY has developed a series of core technologies on the basis of flow chemistry, halogenation, metal catalysis, nitration, hydrogenation and others. Thus, a green, efficient and safe development platform is established to finish synthetic route design, synthesis of target product, confirmation of molecular structure, optimal process route, pilot plant test and industrialization study, etc.